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Studies of several high-profile accidents conducted over the past few years have identified poor safety culture as a contributing factor to the accidents.  One telling example is the investigation of the March 23, 2005, Texas City refinery accident.  An independent review panel urged companies to “regularly and thoroughly evaluate their safety culture, the performance of their process SMSs, and their corporate safety oversight for possible improvements”.  More and more frequently, investigations probe beyond specific technical failings to identify underlying organizational weaknesses that contribute to accidents, such as a poor safety culture.  Armed with the impact culture can have on your company, our team developed a safety culture survey that is focused on system safety and human factors root cause analysis rather than that of personal safety or general safety. 


Once completed, your organization will gain information about the perceptions of front-line workers about safety in their area and management’s commitment to safety. The survey also provides information about how perceptions vary across different departments and disciplines. The first initial survey will be the baseline measurement and then re-survey periodically (semi-annually or annually) to assess the impact of changes they are making. With an understanding of your safety culture, your leadership team will see measurable results in fewer incidents, improved safety record and reduction in employee turnover. 

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