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"Find Truth and Facilitate Change"

Safe Operations Software

Most software solutions are digital versions of an old paper process.  That's not going to cut it in today's fast paced, ever-changing world.  Our software allows your workforce to collect high quality safety data via mobile phone or tablet.  Then it is categorized into a standard taxonomy list of causal factors that allows your organization to uncover actionable weaknesses, analyze risk in your current operation, identify new hazards and analyze the effectiveness of your safety controls.  For once, your safety team will be able visualize a history of your corporate lessons learned and your safety controls.  Let us work with your team and help chart your path forward to a safer tomorrow.  Give us a call!

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Human Performance Investigation Workshop

Do you feel like your current investigation process doesn't fix the cause of your accidents?   Our Human Performance Investigation (HPI) workshop translates James Reason’s theory into a practice via a pragmatic framework that systematically guides the analysis of human error data associated with adverse events (near misses).  In our 2-day workshop, we teach your team members why humans err to allow them to dig deeper and get beyond blame.  Furthermore, our methodology will cover the preconditions to the err (Human Factors) and the often missed supervisor and organizational role in the incident.  See more.

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Checklist Development (Error Trapping)

Are your corporate failures avoidable and all too common?  Faulty memory, fatigue and distractions are frequent causes to incidents in all industries.  When your worker misses just one step, the accident chain continues.  But there is a solution that traps human error and delivers seven sigma reliability to your organization.  It's called a checklist.

Our checklists are designed to aid memory recall and manage distractions to improve your operation.  Head over to the success page to see how this simple tool, done right, can impact your operation.  It's time to implement a simple solution that has been proven in the highest risk operation ever - commercial aviation.


Standard Work Development (Error Proofing)

Your safety system needs workers that consistently delivers work the same to achieve top performance. Standard work allows an organization to train and absorb new workers and for the system to maintain the same level of efficiency and safety.  Standardized work allows the measurement of your worker's effectiveness and efficiency, reduce risk, improve profits and costs. Furthermore, standard work enables continuous improvement in a structured, measurable way.  Let our team develop a digital standard work system to move your organization to the next level.

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Safety Culture

Safety culture is “how people behave in relation to safety and risk when no one is watching”. A strong safety culture is an expression of how safety is perceived, valued and prioritized by the organization, and is reflected by individuals that are:  aware of the risks and known hazards; continuously behaving to preserve and enhance safety;  able to access resources required for safe operations; willing to report safety issues; and consistently assessing the safety related behaviors throughout the organization. The combination of a Safety Management System (SMS) and culture are at the heart of accident prevention.  See more...

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SMS Audits

Is your safety management system effective in actually guiding safety behavior?  Most SMS audits focus solely on the presence and quality of documentation, rather than being concerned with its reach and day to day effectiveness.  Our SMS audit provides a means of identifying potential problems before they have an impact on safety.  Our audit will disclose the strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of non-tolerable risk and devise corrective measures. The outcome of the audit will be a report, followed by an action plan prepared by our team. Let us conduct an SMS audit on your organization and help you move the needle further toward operational excellence.

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Why We Err Keynote

For a company to shift its’ philosophy from being reactive to preventive, your company needs an understanding of human error.  Our keynote demonstrates why incidents/accidents can’t be labeled simply as human error.  Our presentation covers a number of studies that draw upon an understanding of how skilled experts err when their attention is channelized, how habitual short cuts become standard, how fatigue can be measured, how the breakdown of team communication can impact operations and many more.  With an understanding of why we err, management will be able to shift their management system with organizational lessons learned that drive a safer system.  Give our a team a call and book this high energy, educational keynote for your next event!

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The Checklist Effect Keynote

Most industries have reached  a point where the volume and complexity of the knowledge today has exceeded the abilities of workers to properly deliver execution in a consistent, correct, and safe manner.  Human Factor Checklists are an additional layer of organizational protection which are designed to trap human error, therefore, reducing risk to personnel and their management system all in less than 30 seconds. Human factor checklists are specifically designed from a list of causes from accidents, near misses or efficiency lessons. They utilize the methodology known as CHALLENGE and RESPONSE.  Which institutes a systematic crosscheck that verifies critical activities that have been verified completed – also known as self-verification. These checklists overcome human limitations of short-term memory, distractions and fatigue. Human Factor Checklists are a simple yet effective tool in helping any organization achieve operational excellence.  Sign up for this keynote as we can demonstrate how this simple tool will drastically improve your corporate safety and reliability.


Digital Control of Work Checklists

Crane accidents, trench failures and energy isolation failures will kill hundreds of front line workers every year.  These failures are caused by human performance failures such as memory, fatigue, or distraction during work.  However, there is a digital solution that has been proven to catch errors and deliver high reliability...Read more.

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